Cone Crusher Development History Illustrate Future Prospect

Five stages in development history of cone crusher

1. In the early 20th century, spring cone crusher is developed in USA, it adopts large eccentricity and low frequency, and crushing product particles are not even with bad efficiency. It also has great vibration; the spring is easy to be broken. The overloading protection system is unreliable by springs.

2. By the end of 40's, American introduced bottom single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, it is steep cone crusher developed on the basis of gyratory crusher. It adopts hydraulic technology, and achieves to adjust discharging gate and overload protection by hydraulic system. The crushing machine has simplified structure, light weight and better performance.

3. In 50-60's, France and Japan companies introduced top or side single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

4. In 70-80's, America Company introduced high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher on the basis of bottom single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

5. In 90's, the new type short head cone crusher are developed. Crushing machine is in upper and under parts. The upper chamber crushes materials by laminating crushing theory. The under chamber is parallel zone.

It is easy to see from the cone crusher development history, that the earlier cone crusher had bad crushing efficiency, and produced uneven particles. Later, hydraulic adjusting device and overload protection device improves cone crusher's performance. New type crushing machine adopts laminating crushing theory, reducing energy cost, optimizing production efficiency. Energy-saving, intelligence and automation is the future prospect of cone crusher.

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