Barite Mining And Processing Plant

Barite can be used for radiation shielding efficiency of reactive powder concrete. Replacement of quartz by barite adversely affected the mechanical properties.

Barite Aggregate Production Line

Barite significantly increased the gamma-ray attenuation coefficients of reactive powder concrete. The mechanical performance of reactive powder concrete, however, was markedly reduced as a result of barite substitution. Replacement of quartz by barite aggregate has a more adverse impact on flexural strength than that of compressive strength.

Various barite concrete samples were prepared with portland cement, ground funnel glass sand as the substitute for barite aggregates, and fly ash as mineral admixtures.

Barite Deposit Process

The fluid inclusion characteristics of the first stage barite show a hydrothermal origin with a deeper-seated source on the seafloor associated with a lower sequence of the Late Eocene felsic rock. The second stage barite, exposed beneath the upper sequence of Late Eocene andesite, was formed due to increased dilution, possibly with seawater. The third stage barite mineralization is associated with saline water and the interaction of fluid with volcanic and conglomerate host rocks. The obtained data show that the mineralization at Badroud barite deposit is similar to the Kuroko-type massive sulfide deposits in an arc setting.

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