Russia 300 TPH Coal Gangue Crushing Production Line

Project Overview

The customer is located in the extremely cold regions of Russia. Because of the low temperature (some places can reach -67.7 °C), the hydraulic oil of the equipment can easily reach the pour point, which leads to the adverse effects of increased flow pressure loss, increased heat generation and reduced system efficiency. At the same time, the low temperature environment is also likely to cause the strength of steel to drop, the failure of electrical components and so on. The electro-hydraulic dual-drive counter-attack track-moving mobile station carefully developed by SBM Machinery perfectly conquers the local low-temperature, frozen soil and windy climate.

Original material: coal gangue
Finished product use: used as fuel for power plants

Program Design

In view of the high demand for crushing equipment caused by extremely severe weather such as severe cold and permafrost, Zhang Gong of SBM Machinery R&D Center said that the electro-hydraulic dual-drive crawler mobile station sent to Russia was specially designed for the design of polar weather. In order to adapt to the local low temperature, frozen soil and high wind climate, SBM crawler mobile station has done a lot of innovative design, such as using cold-resistant steel plate, CAN-BUS bus technology, adding heating system, etc., successfully overcoming the harsh working environment.

Customer Feedback

Our local very cold climate has very high requirements for gravel processing equipment. After many inspections, we learned that the track mobile station of SBM Machinery can withstand the test of low temperature and dust, and as the pit advances, it will follow The coal working face has improved the utilization rate of coal gangue while shortening the coal transportation distance. We are very satisfied with the excellent performance of the equipment.

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