Foundry Slag Recycling Plant

Portland cement is manufactured by mixing sources of calcium oxide, silica, alumina, and iron oxide in the proper proportions in a kiln. These ingredients are found in natural rock, such as shale, dolomite, and limestone. Foundry slag can be a substitute for calcium oxide,alumina, and iron in Portland cement.

In foundry sand recycling process, the foundry slag will be first collected, and then conveyed into crushing plant for size reduction. After primary size reduction, the material maybe grinded for producing fine powders. And then the material will be processed in separation machine for refining useful materials.

Foundry Slag Application

In modern apprehension metallurgical smelting foundry slag is not considered as a waste, but as valuable secondary raw material that can be utilized both in metallurgical processes and in other industrial applications. While whole amount of blast furnace slag is utilized in civil engineering, road building and cement industry applications, full utilization of steelmaking slag forms urgent problem for researchers in metallurgy and foundry industry.

Foundry Slag Crushing and Grinding Machine

There are many plants are involved in foundry slag processing. The slag need to by separated by crushing and screening processes. First the foundry slags need to be crushed by impact crusher, and then conveyed to ball mill by belt conveyor for grinding. And the materials may need to be re-grinded by high pressure mill. Then flotation separator will be used to concentrate the useful materials. There will be much moisture in the final materials, thickener and dryer are used to dry the material for final applications.

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