1000-1200 TPH Granite Crushing And Shaping Production Line

Process Flow

The granite raw material is uniformly fed by the ZSW490*130 feeder, enters the European version of the hydraulic smashed PEW1100 for coarse breaking, and then enters the cone to break the CSB240 for two breaks. The second broken stone enters the 2Y2460 for screening, and the return material enters the second break. Less than 150mm finished material enters HPT300 for three-stage crushing, more than 40mm enters HPT300 and breaks again, less than 40mm enters impact and breaks VSI5X-1145 plastic, finished product is 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm high quality aggregate At present, the production line has a large output and good grain size.


Equipment Configuration Advantage

  1. It is equipped with new European version of hydraulic rupture, V-shaped structure crushing cavity, large feeding, strong biting force and large output; using wedge hydraulic pressure to adjust the size of discharge opening, easy to use, saving debugging time, using centralized lubrication, equipment Maintenance is quick and easy.
  2. The three-breaking multi-cylinder hydraulic cone is used to combine the higher speed and stroke, which greatly improves the rated power and passing capacity of the HPT crusher, and improves the crushing ratio and production efficiency. At the same time, through the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the matching speed, the product fine material ratio and cube content are significantly improved, and the needle-shaped material is greatly reduced. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone is broken by the full-lubricating oil lubrication method, which eliminates the need to manually refuel the shift, saving labor costs, and the maintenance and repair of the equipment is also very simple and convenient, reducing the production and operation costs.
  3. The production line adopts three-stage crushing, which realizes the crushing ratio of each level is very large. After the second broken, the middle section is screened, and a part of the finished material is directly discharged to reduce the crushing pressure of the three-section cone to make the whole production line. The output is very optimized.

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