How to Choose Quality Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen is used for sandstone screening and cleaning and needed equipment for all sorts of stone crushing plant and sand generating plant. SBM is really an expert beneficiation plant manufacturer in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of crusher, mill, sand making machine as well as some beneficiation auxiliary equipment. SBM can accord to the needs of your dressing and the actual situation of mine for you to choose the most appropriate and effective machine. Selecting the quality and efficiency vibrating screen can help businesses efficiently complete production, reduce production costs.We can not only provide you with quality vibrating screen can also provide you with some suggestions on how to choose the vibrating screen.

How to Choose Quality Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen's working efficiency as well as the impact mainly is dependent upon the material to be screened in nature, too because the overall performance of sieve itself. Therefore, selecting the proper circular vibrating screen material along with a complete survey of two factors.

Experimental and statistical information shows, circular vibrating screen screening efficiency and screen surface motion form. Granular material in the sieve surface, close for the vertical path vibration sieve, the larger the frequency, the screening impact is much better. Therefore, needs to be depending on material properties, reasonable selection of vibration sieve kind, so as to maximize the effectiveness. The sieving and inspection of material sieving normally adopt a circular vibrating screen; the materials following crushing classification used large circular vibrating screen; the material used for dehydration and medium using linear vibrating screen. To be able to improve the material particles penetrating capacity, and boost the efficiency of circular vibrating screen work, needs to be based on the actual circumstance to meet the size specifications in the premise, as far as possible, with larger screen size, big effective screen location, larger screen surface porosity, pore shape appropriate for non metal screen surface.

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