Installation of Ball Mill

Installation of ball mill is also have to have to spend consideration to many places, as follows:

The mill ought to be installed on a solid concrete foundation. The basis of style and construction with the mill sees a ball mill assembly diagram and foundation drawing. In an effort to assure the positional accuracy of your a variety of components from the procedure of making use of a ball mill does not alter a lot, the ball mill really should be determined by the entire structure. The basis of compressive strength of concrete is a lot more than 75%. Then it can be installed above the ball mill.

Address-based quality inspection before installation, the concrete defects will not have an effect on the strength, keep in the hole number and area to meet the requirements, stay in the hole absolutely free of debris and stagnant water, no oil. The "ground" in the installation, on the basis on the surface really should be buried in the center of a normal plate. The pre-installation basis draw all of the centerline on the center target for an eye-catching red spots mark, as the basis with the center line from the installation.

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