Jaw Plate Fixing Method

The jaw plate is the core component of the impact crusher, which directly contacts with the material and crushes it, so its material quality and fixing way directly affect the production efficiency. The plate hammer is generally made of wear-resistant high chromium cast iron. There are three fixing methods: bolt fixing, plate fixing and wedge fixing.

Bolt fixation

Bolt fixing is to fix the plate hammer on the plate hammer base of the rotor through the bolt, but the screw is exposed to the impact surface, which is easy to damage, and the screw is subject to greater shear force, once cut, it will cause serious accidents.

Note: Nowadays, many big manufacturers do not adopt this fixed way.

Compression plate fixation

Pressure plate fixing is that the hammer is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side. In order to prevent the axial movement, the two ends are pressed by pressure plate. But this kind of fixing method needs welding, the pressing plate is easy to wear and change, and the hammer is not strong enough, so it is easy to loosen in work.

Wedge block fixation

Wedge fixing is to fasten the wedge by inserting it into the corresponding slot between the plate hammer and the rotor. Under the action of centrifugal force, the faster the rotor speed is, the stronger the plate hammer is fixed, and the work is reliable, and the disassembly is more convenient. In addition, because of eliminating the relative serial movement between the plate hammer and the rotor, the wear of the rotor is reduced. This is a better way of fixing plate hammer at present, which is also used in many countries.

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