Lubrication System of Sand Making Machine

Installation conditions of lubricating pump station of sand making machine: suitable ambient temperature, less dust, less vibration, easy to adjust, check and maintain, as close as possible to the main engine, shorten the length of piping system, and maintain low pressure drop.

VSI5X (15).JPG

  • Before using the sand machine, add 35# bearing oil to the oil tank of the pumping station to the specified level of the oil standard.
  • The rotation direction of the lubricating pump of sand machine is one-way, and it should be used according to the rotation wiring stipulated by the motor upper rotation card.
  • The standard flow rate of lubricating oil is 8 Lmin, which can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 6-12 Lmin.
  • The lubrication pump of sand machine is indoor installation type. When it is used outdoors or in harsh environment, protective measures should be taken.
  • The power line is connected to the corresponding position, the zero line should be reliably connected to the power grid, and the shell of the distribution cabinet and the fuel tank should be reliably grounded.

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