Sand and Aggregates Production Line

For centuries, construction aggregates, in other words, crushed stone, sand, sand gravel have been played an important role in society development and fundamentally improved human's security, mobility and enhanced mankind's life quality. A large quantity of sand is produced from sediment deposits. However, nowadays we are experiencing a global shortage of natural sand. The huge consumption of natural sand generates large environmental pressures. So it is necessary to produce manufacture of sand or aggregates from quarried material.

Sand and Aggregate Process Line

According to world market demand and customers requirements, we have development various series of sand and aggregate production line, which could produce a wide range of materials such as manufactured sand, aggregate and concrete etc. for diversified applications. The production line involves many different types of machines such as coarse crusher, fine crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, high pressure mill, sand making machine etc. By different types of machines, you could get different quality and particles size of sand and aggregate materials. With the assistance of sand washing machine, the impurity materials are washed away, high quality sand and aggregate are ready for various applications.

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