Stone Crusher Common Accident Factors

Noise Hazard

Noise hazard seems to exist in every stone crusher. No matter which crusher equipment is used, it will produce different degrees of noise for various reasons, such as ventilators and air compressors. If the model of the crusher is not in line with the production, and the user does not take measures to avoid noise pollution in the case of noise generated by the equipment, then this will cause certain harm to the staff present and even endanger the surrounding residents. . Guangdong crusher manufacturers recommend that users must try to reduce noise during the use of the crusher to ensure safe production.

Physical Explosion

When the stone crusher is in operation, the user uses the air compressor tank, boiler and other non-standard pressure vessels and pipelines, which will cause a physical explosion at the production site; if there is operationality in the crusher production Errors, such as the use of facilities, unreasonable management, etc., will cause explosions at the production site. Guangdong crusher manufacturers said that these physical explosions are caused by the user's failure to operate the equipment according to the operating specifications. It is recommended that users must be familiar with the operating specifications of the equipment to avoid the occurrence of explosions.

Fire or Flood

When the stone crusher does not work well or the flammable material is ignited due to the failure of the frictional heat, there will be a fire at the production site; and because the operator is in operation, a certain kind of heating object ignites the combustible material. It can also cause a fire phenomenon. Guangdong crusher manufacturers said that the floods were mainly caused by inadequate or unreasonable drainage configuration.

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