The Installation Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is hot sale and because of its advanced crushing capacity, high crushing ratio and outstanding performance, the jaw crusher is the best-selling equipment among all crusher models.

In the installation of jaw crusher, the user should pay attention to the following points: In general, it is better to install the jaw crusher on the concrete foundation or the steel mechanism. This is relatively firm and the equipment will not loose during operation. Phenomenon, and also to ensure the quality of the steel machine and concrete, and thus ensure the operation of the equipment.

Due to the harsh working environment of the crusher, a large inertia force will be generated during operation. If the installation is not strong, the equipment will sway. During the installation process, it needs to be separated from the factory building and the residents' homes to prevent the vibration or noise generated by the equipment from working on them.

In order to reduce the vibration of the equipment, it is also possible to add anti-vibration between the foundation and the frame, such as rubber or wood for padding.

After the installation is complete, you need to find a professional to test the empty car. Start the motor and see if the direction of rotation of the crusher is the same as the direction of the sign. If it is not the same, stop it and check the wiring. If the device is found to have abnormal sound or harsh sound during the test, it needs to be stopped for inspection to find out the problem and solve the problem before the device can be started again.

Only ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and securely, and pay attention to the above matters during the installation process to ensure stable and orderly work in the future.

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